Drunken Homeless LadyThe world is full of crazy people. We all know at least 2 and most of us feel that we probably live in the craziest place on earth. America is full of crazies, be it on the road or just walking the streets. Often times we will see half a dozen crazy people in the course of an hour, further convincing us that wherever it is we live, we must have landed in the most psychotic place on earth.

This site is meant to prove you wrong. If you think your friends are crazy, or the people around you are crazy, you haven’t seen anything yet. The Crazy Russians brings the craziest of the crazies to your browser. The site is packed with videos, photos and just wild antics in any medium we could find. By the time you’re done here, you will be convinced that your neighborhood isn’t all that bad, and the bag lady on the corner who keeps screaming at the wall is probably among the sanest people around.

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